Why We Are Here

Why Are We Here?

Our purpose has been and is to make God's presence known to the people who come to Panama City Beach. Through working, playing, laughing, crying, resting, all the things you would do when you visit “The World's Most Beautiful Beaches,” God's people make His presence known. This is not just an outreach to the visitors of the beach but a ministry with them as well. You see, church youth groups having a summer retreat, retirement age winter visitors, vacationers, people who travel to the beach on business, and even locals (they like to visit the beach too!) are the folks who "keep the Boat afloat!" Noah’s Ark is truly a community of people from literally all over the world, making God's presence known on “The World's Most Beautiful Beaches.”

You too can be a part of this community called Noah's Ark. Browse the site to get info about the Ark on Panama City Beach, and come by for a visit.

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